Is an Opossum That is Active During the Daytime Sick or Rabid?

A Chattanooga opossum is a nocturnal animal, meaning, it is more active at night. But there are instances wherein opossums can be active in a broad daylight and can attack our pets and livestock animals. These encounters may surprise you and will make you wonder on why is a Tennessee opossum wandering at day? It may be weird for a nocturnal animal to behave that way, but some people say it is because it is sick or rabid. Let's find out the truth behind it.

• Opossums are resistant to rabies. Yes, they can't get rabies, so it's not true that they are rabid when they exposed themselves at day. Just beware if they will bite because it will also chomp your bones out.
• Mother Chattanooga opossums are usually out to get something to feed for its young babies day and night. That's why there are some that can be seen scavenging at day.
• They are disturbed in their sleep. Opossums sleep at day, but there are instances that they will be disturbed and wake up. That's why they have no choice but to roam around even if it is still day time.
• In winter times, Tennessee opossums are forced to extend their search for food at day time because of scarcity of food.
• It may be fleeing from predators.
• Destroyed den. If their then was destroyed, some opossums may search for new dens and may reach daylight for searching.
• Extended food searching. Maybe the collected food was not enough from a night time collection and made an extended search in day light.

Those reasons above will testify that they are sick or rabid if they are seen at day time. That was a myth buster indeed. People judge too quickly or believes easily without researching about it. Yes they are nocturnal, but it doesn't mean they cannot wake up at day light. Just make us an example, we sleep at night, that's the natural way, but sometimes we do wake up at night for something or even not sleep at night at some cases. Apply that to the Chattanooga opossums also, yes it's not natural that they will be roaming at day, but please consider the fact that they are up for something like humans do.

This may be hard for some myth believers out there. The reasons above are true and properly searched to add information on people's understanding about Chattanooga opossums. Weird things like that happens to opossums, that's why if you see that they are asleep please do not disturb or fright them. Respect Tennessee animals.

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