An Analysis of Inhumane Glue Traps for Rats

There are a number of ways to get rid of Chattanooga rodents that are pestering you, whether they are small mice or even rats, you should always try to do it in the best way possible, so that the animal does not suffer at all. However, many people even today go straight for one of the cruelest ways of Tennessee rat-disposal methods available, and that is not poison, but rather glue traps.

The advantage of these traps is that they are cheap; in fact, you often don't require anything else aside from a piece of cardboard, some glue and a piece of food to put in the middle as bait. However we rarely think of what those poor animals are going through once they get caught in one of these horrible entrapments. They are one of the cruelest ways to use in an effort against Chattanooga rats or mice, any rodents for that matter.

This is due to the fact that the Chattanooga animals caught in one of the glue traps will try relentlessly to free themselves, and they will suffer throughout the whole process. The glue traps that you buy in the supermarket have an instruction written on them that suggest disposing of the traps along with the captured animal, but that would lead to starvation and even terrible death of possible suffocation of the animal. If at times you do take pity and still try to free the rodent from the trap, you will badly damage the poor Tennessee creature at least, risking to break its limbs and tear of its fur.

One of the greatest faults of glue traps is that they don't pick their targets, therefore, even larger animals can get stuck in them and eventually die. There were cases were even cats got caught in these traps and since they are extremely difficult to remove, often times the outcome of the cases would be horrifying. Not to mention a number of other small or large animals that can easily get caught since the bait of the food is there and it attracts everything with a sense of smell, so even Chattanooga birds are not excluded providing that the trap is somewhere in the open.

Finally, even if you use this method to deal with your Chattanooga rodents, you should be careful, because often times, the captured rats will empty their bowels if they remain in the glue for an extended period of time and coming in contact with it can pose a health risk of transferring dangerous diseases, some of which can be fatal, like hantavirus. Therefore, carefully consider the options and the solutions if you encounter similar problems in the future, and avoid the glue traps, since they are the worst and most inhumane method, by far.

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