Do Mothballs or Ammonia Help Repel Skunks?

Among some of the widely discussed solutions that are used to repel Chattanooga skunks, there have been hundreds of various methods and some them included the use of mothballs and ammonia to aid in that cause, we will be looking at how effective this method is and if there are any alternatives to it.

Skunks are the masters of odor and it can come as a surprising fact that they might be repelled by certain odors, as if their own was not enough. While there is some evidence that the use of ammonia may trick the skunks into thinking that another Tennessee animal has moved in, in most of the cases this is not really an effective method and its effectiveness may vary from situation to situation. Another popular methods that is discussed on the internet is the use of mothballs for the purpose of keeping the skunks away or removing the from existing habitats. This too has a variable degree of success and the way it is done involves placing mothballs typically inside of a glass jar and placing the lid on which your previously punched some holes so that the scent can be felt. Next, they are placed in the area where Chattanooga skunks take up residence, but this too is not particularly effective in the long run.

A good natural repellant that you can use and should use would be something that can be found on your very kitchen table, and those are oranges or any other citrus fruit. Skunks alongside other Tennessee animals are known to be unable to tolerate the scent of citrus fruits and a good practice would be to even place some peals of oranges or lemons around the area where you think they are hiding and this should quickly drive them away since it will act as an irritant.

Skunks have a good sense of smell and they are able to smell predators from a distance, therefore another way to repel them is to simply have a dog around your Chattanooga house. By marking its territory, the very scent, sound and sight of a dog will be more than enough to deter any possible skunk invasions since they are naturally afraid of them. Some additional steps that you can take is to make sure that you don't have open and accessible food sources in the area of your house that might attract the Tennessee skunks or any other wild animals for that matter. It has been noted that one additional way to keep them away is to simply keep the area of your house well lit, this would include the places they would seek cover in, since they hate the light, there would be no suitable shelter for them and they would simply move on.

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